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cricket bat ss high-end Port Machinery entering Japanese market
16 July, 2021

Recently, a batch of port machinery including three units of cricket bat ss SDCY90K6H4 empty container handler arrived at Tokyo Harbor and was then delivered to a key account in Japan. This marked cricket bat ss high-end port machinerys initial entrance into Japan, with the goal of including all Japanese harbors on the cricket bat ss business map within the next three years.  

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Tokyo Harbor is one of the largest harborin Japan, as well as a World Top 100 harbor. It has been enjoying a spike in activities as the world’s economy recoverfrom its pandemic-stricken state. To meet the continuously growing demand for port operations, the harbor authority was in great need of mobile port machinery.  

The recently delivered SDCY90K6H4 empty container handlers are positioned as a high-end model designed to open international markets, with selling points such as excellent reliability, efficiencyfuel saving and environmental friendliness. It has earned good reputation from servicing many major harbors around the world.

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This batch of equipment was shipped from cricket bat sss Zhuhai port in early June and is currently in the commissioning phase, the last step before application. The Japanese client has approved of the product quality and after-sales service and has expressed their intention to give cricket bat ss preference over other brands in future purchases.   

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To many industry insiders, this trade is viewed as another important milestone in cricket bat ss’s internationalization.

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